Finally, an EA That Actually Works

Results for May $1,000 capital, trading 1.0 contracts. 21 trades $1,070 clear profit or 107% for the month.

June Results 14 trades, 11 wins and $950 profit or 95% for the month.

July results including new 2nd instrument 35 trades, 24 wins and $1,600 profit or 165% for the month.

August results 25 trades and 105% (less broker's commission) for the month.

September results 35 trades and  75% (less broker's commission) for the month.

October results over 100%. November 85% profit. December +81%. January +68% so far...

  My name's Andrey Bobrov. I've always been against EAs because you can't trade profitably using black and white rules but this is a different kind of autotrading - one that consistently makes me over 60% a month on auto pilot!

   The concept of auto trading is very attractive - except that the past 15 years of robot EAs have proved it doesn't really work!

   So why is this different? Because the trade and the EA is adjusted at least once a month to suit the exact current conditions.

   The Forex Auto Trade EA is incredibly simple. It trades only once a day and we adjust the stop loss, take profit and time only.

  Very low risk/drawdown (around a 10 pip stop). Trade 0.1 contracts with just $100 or a full contract with $600 ($1,000 to be safe).

   An EA that executes a trade that has been proven to be successful in recent weeks.

Makes the trade while you are asleep or at work (or watching!).

     I don't need to make money from selling systems as I actually make enough from trading, so I'm not asking for the usual high price for a good EA. I want you to believe this works and I want to make sure that we all continue making money, so Forex Auto Trade costs just $50 a month for 0.1 lot, by subscription. At any time, you can cancel your subscription.

 I accept PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer.

$50 a month for 0.1 lot, $100 a month for 0.2 lot, etc.

    It is essential to use an ECN broker with a spread of less than 0.5 pips. Non ECN brokers often damp out the prices and so you 'lose' up to 4 pips because of this and the greater spread. ECN brokers have no objections to small stop losses and scalping. I personally use and recommend FX Open. Please use the links below to open an account with tiny spreads! FX Open also has ECN Micro accounts.

Always choose the highest possible leverage.

FX Open can be trusted and accepts 19 different payments methods including Skrill, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Liqpay. You must choose the full ECN account which requires a minimum of $1,000 deposit.

Best broker - FX Broker Inc, no restrictions - choose Platinum ECN account and highest leverage.

   Typical spread comparison on the EUR/USD. FXOpen 0.2pips, FX Broker INC 0.5 pips

Legal disclaimer. Results cannot be guaranteed and past results may not be obtained in the future. Trading is risky, losses can happen so do not trade with more than you can afford to lose. Unless you are an experienced trader, you should seek financial advice.